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A Glimmer of Hope is our charity partner in Ethiopia. 100% of Glimmer's operating costs are covered by a private endowment so that every cent of every donation go directly to the projects in Ethiopia.  Learn more


Water is Life has its origin back in 2008 during a holiday/

cooperation trip to Ethiopia when Joan Vinyets and Johanna Thörnblad personally witnessed the extreme need for clean drinking water in rural Ethiopia.

In Ethiopia they also met the excellent non-profit organization, A Glimmer of Hope (AGOH), and learned about their integrated development model that transforms entire communities. AGOH works with community members to achieve sustainable change.


After returning to their home in Barcelona Joan and Johanna started the 100% non-profit fundraising campaign “Water is Life”, in order to implicate family and friends in their quest to provide clean drinking water to communities in rural Ethiopia.

Starting in 2019 Water is Life will not only be supporting water projects in rural Ethiopia, but also health, education, and income generating projects such as micro-credits and livelihood training.

Read more about the reason for this change below... 

Why Water and Why A Change?

It's estimated that 80% of all diseases in Ethiopia are a result of dirty water.  Clean water means improved health for the entire community.


However, to create sustainable change in rural Ethiopia, families need a solid foundation created through access not only to clean water but also to income-generating opportunities, education, and health care.


"Ending entrenched poverty takes more than one school or one well—it takes a holistic approach that creates a network of lifesaving services.”


This is why Water is Life in 2019 will start supporting A Glimmer of Hope's holistic approach to change through the provision of clean water, income opportunities, education, and healthcare to communities in rural Ethiopia.


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